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Countdown to Season 7 MLP

Saturday, April 29th @ 8:30am

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What is your favorite Rarity ship? 

94 deviants said Rarity with Spike
63 deviants said Rarity with Applejack
31 deviants said Other
22 deviants said Rarity with Rainbow Dash
20 deviants said Rarity with Fluttershy
19 deviants said Rarity with Twilight Sparkle
17 deviants said Rarity with Fancy Pants
9 deviants said Rarity with Pinkie Pie
7 deviants said Rarity with Big Mac








RarityRarityRarity info

Rarity Animated Icon FTU by xXTuff-PegasisterXx Rarity is The dressmaker and giver of ponyville.
She Is the element of generosity and greatly loves and cares about her beauty.
She always knows when her friends need her help, she is also, the best pony.

text by :iconhimmypop:
Rarity icon by :iconxxtuff-pegasisterxx:
Rarity gif by :iconogaraorcynder:
Rarity gif0 by :iconuher0:
Rarity gif1 by :iconxxrosettacookiexx:
Rarity gif2 by :iconhidden-cat:
Rarity gif3 by :iconodooee:

Rarity by GreenFox27


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Rarity is The dressmaker and giver of ponyville.
She Is the element of generosity and greatly loves and cares about her beauty.
She always knows when her friends need her help, she is also, the best pony.
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